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What PraveenGandhi.com Is All About 

PraveenGandhi.com is a site for Professional Marketers, Online Entrepreneurs and Startups to get proven SEO and Digital Marketing advice.

Rather than talking about just one aspect (channel) of digital marketing, I share tips and insights on multiple channels (SEO, PPC, Display, Content, Social & Email Marketing etc) so that you can implement a holistic campaign, see which clogs work together to achieve the the best results possible.

Usually so called experts don’t tell you the full picture of how their campaigns worked or how they actually succeeded. I do not withhold any information of any sort, so you'll get the full picture of what needs to be done to improve your marketing campaigns.

How PraveenGandhi.com helps you Get Higher Ranking, traffic, leads & sales?

The idea is to imbue people with the right digital marketing knowledge and resources to empower them to take control of their online marketing endeavors.

I have learned it the hard way, after various trials and errors that things in digital marketing are really not that simple. Attention to detail, smart work, strategy and execution, all play a major role in the success of a marketing campaign. So I'll only provide you with tips and insights that work in the real world. 

Also in this blog I'll show you the exact techniques and strategies you need to get higher rankings, traffic, leads & sales. No “high-level” advice that nobody can make sense of, just insanely actionable tips that really works.

What is my goal & mission?

My goal as a marketer is to bridge the gap between people and brands, to help them achieve business success. My mission is to help you grow your online business and increase your revenue.

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About Praveen Gandhi

Praveen Gandhi About 3

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my about page. I am Praveen Gandhi a Digital Marketing Consultant from India.

Let me share a bit about me,

What I do for a living?

When people ask me what is it that I really do, I proudly answer, “I am a digital marketing consultant and trainer for marketers, online entrepreneurs and startups”

What It means is that

“I create, design and execute killer marketing systems that accelerates business growth, improves rankings, traffic, sales, and leads generated”. I also train people on digital marketing and related topics.

What can I do for you?

“To put it bluntly, I can help you accelerate your business growth. Depending on your goals, I can put together a digital strategy (an approach as to what you want your business to achieve through online marketing) which best suits your needs, which is possible to accomplish through online mediums and execute them for you.”

How I work

Unlike other wanna be marketing consultants out there, I have management experience of leading a team and also the expertise to execute the strategies that I come up with, the strategies and methods used focuses on leveraging business growth and increase revenue in the shortest amount of time.

After recently exiting a digital marketing agency as a Digital Marketing Manager, I finally decided to pursue my aspiration of working on digital marketing projects on my own, so I started my own digital marketing consulting and training practice online.

I have consolidated experience of over 8 years and have worked with both MNC’s and SME’s, locally and internationally, this gives me a unique perspective of how things work in the real world.

Few companies i have worked with so far

Decathlon Sports India
one to one hotels & resorts
Leela Palace
Netrocon Digital

My education

I graduated my MBA from London School of Business and Finance, London. I also hold a BBA from University of Madras.

I have also completed a few industry standard certifications to keep myself updated and to improve my knowledge.

For people who dig certifications, here are a few i have completed so far...

  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (PDDMP) by Digital Marketing Institute (DMI)
  • Google Adwords Certification by Google
  • Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification by Microsoft
  • certificate
    Inbound Marketing Certification by Hubspot
  • certificate
    SEO Training Course by MOZ
  • certificate
    Become an SEO Expert by LinkedIn
  • certificate
    Google Analytics Essential Training by LinkedIn
  • certificate
    International SEO by LinkedIn
  • certificate
    Local SEO by LinkedIn
  • certificate
    SEO Foundations by LinkedIn
  • SEO: Keyword Strategy by LinkedIn
  • SEO: Link Building by LinkedIn
  • SEO: Videos by LinkedIn
  • certificate
    SEO Certification by eMarketing Institute
  • certificate
    Online Marketing Fundamentals Certification by Google
  • certificate
    Online Marketing Fundamentals Certification by eMarketing Institute
  • certificate
    Twitter Flight School by Twitter
  • certificate
    HTML & CSS Certification by Codecademy
  • certificate
    Full Stack Developer certification by FreeCodeCamp (Pursuing)

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Get exclusive access to digital marketing tips & insights that I only share with my newsletter subscribers
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Get exclusive access to digital marketing tips & insights that I only share with my newsletter subscribers
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